Buzzr Multi-Site Edition: Networked WCMS with On-Demand Site Cloning

Whether you're a small business in need of a website and mobile site or an organizations in need of thousands of websites, Buzzr can help. We start with a streamlined Drupal content management system, the most robust open source "CMS" in existence. We then curate and integrate the best features for ideal publishing, including one-click "Quickstarts" to instantly create websites. Need 1,000 variations of the same site configuration? That's our specialty. We also offer dynamically updating central directory websites with real time content feeds from all other sites.

We can also help you with all your website and social media content marketing needs via our professional content creation services.

On top of the Drupal, we have layered a streamlined drag & drop user interface that makes running and updating sites easy even for users with no technical background. Pro tools for you can be hidden from the end user, so all they see are simple content update interfaces. A fully customizable super-admin back-end can be integrated with Drupal’s 10,000+ modules, and we can custom-built modules specifically for you. Deployed in a hassle-free enterprise-class hosting environment on Rackspace. Any site is exportable as Drupal, with just one click.

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We have several flexible pricing models, including revenue share where applicable.

  • Elegant drag & drop, point and click interface.
  • Quick Start" templates can be pre-configured and designed to your custom specifications.
  • A full content management system, integrated with social tools that can network thousands of sites together via common member profiles.
  • Streamlined goodies that have propelled Drupal's success: create custom content types, web forms, custom directories and lists, and fine grained user permissions.
  • Multi-site central admin tools: follow thousands of sites and users.
  • Provides your technical "super-users" full access to the Drupal code under the hood - Choose from thousands of Drupal modules. Or have us create new ones.
  • No "vendor lock in" - take site content, member data and open source Drupal anytime. With a single click.
  • Loads of social tools, including AutoTweet, YouTube and Google Gadget integration.
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  • Shaves week or months off of time to market!
  • Save big money on development costs.
  • Empower your users to run their own sites with elegant drag & drop tools.
  • Affordable: only pay for the sites you use.
  • Includes performance monitoring, security updates, feature upgrades, and support from real human beings.
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