Welcome Back! Free websites on Buzzr.com

When we launched the Buzzr platform in 2009, we gave away thousands of free websites on Buzzr.com networked together on a social discovery platform. Eventually, we changed to a paid model. But now we're proud to re-introduce free websites on Buzzr.com, tightly integrated in a content discovery social network.

We love websites. We love discovering them. We love making them. We love learning from them. Buzzr is a place for other people who love websites, too. It’s a place to discover an expanding jumble of sites filled with great stuff: ideas, people, entertainment, business, companies, places and much more. But unlike other networked social content discovery platforms, like Tumblr and Medium, we don't just give our website builders simple blogging tools. Yes, if you just want a simple-to-use blog, we have that. But we also have a fully-featured suite of website building and design tools, with many gorgeous, contemporary themes. So you get the best of a website builder with all the benefits of a networked content discovery platform -- a built in audience of other website lovers already on the Buzzr network.

We have lovely, modern themes that other people pay thousands of dollars for. And lovely, modern features that won’t leave you scratching your head. And because we're a fully networked discovery platform, having a site on Buzzr is a great idea even if you already have another website or blog. For our enterprise clients, we're still maintaining all our white label and reseller options, as well as the Buzzr Education CMS. But instead of just Drupal multi-sites, we can now offer Wordpress multi-sites, too. Please let me know your thoughts! I can be reached at ed@buzzr.com

Cheers, Ed Sussman CEO