The Buzzr Education CMS

 The Buzzr Education Content Management System Edition is a turn-key web-based multi-site content management system, hosting and support solution to create and administer websites and responsive mobile sites especially for secondary schools, colleges and universities. For the college market, Buzzr has partnered with mStoner, the world's leading digital solution provider strategy for higher education. mStoner offers expert strategy, design and content marketing, leveraging the Buzzr Higher Education Edition. (See the Paul Smith's College Case Study.) Clients include Palo Alto University, Paul Smith's College, and Utah State University.

The Buzzr Education Edition, built as a special usability layer on top of open source Drupal, is ideal for schools that want a dynamic, polished internet presence but with extreme ease of use for daily administrators. More than 100,000 websites use open source Drupal software created by Buzzr.

Example Client:

Paul Smith's College Website

Each implementation of the platform is specifically customized for your school's needs, including a graceful design created by our or the mStoner professional services staff. We also have many Quickstar templates available for our multi-site edition. Since it's built on the easy-to-use, drag & drop Buzzr platform, the Buzzr Education CMS Edition costs only a fraction of the price of a Drupal website built from scratch or of "locked in" proprietary solutions.

                                              Example Client:

Palo Alto University Website

Contact Taub Swartz at if you'd like to know more. Or call us at 212-867-4680

Our multi-site control dashboard allows you to control anywhere from one site to thousands, all on the same codebase and with a single system of user profiles and sign ons.


  • Strategic services, such as content marketing, SEO and design consultation, are tailored to the needs of each client.
  • Social media tools help to increase your school’s engagement with current students and parents, prospective students and parents, and alumni. 
  • Fully integrated responsive design for mobile and tablets.
  •  Buzzr implementations typically take 1/3 the time and cost less than one half the price of a custom Drupal education website.
  • Leverages Drupal, the most popular CMS in education, but since the solution is fully-supported by us (including hosting, security and training), eliminates the need for costly, in-house web developers.
  • More than 10,000 Drupal modules for further customizations!
  • Websites can be exported to your own servers.
  • Optional Quickstart system for one-click roll-out of new sites. Ideal for student organizations or teaching website skills.

Features include:

  • An intuitive, icon-based user interface for managing content.
  • Editing options presented in-line, on pages throughout each site.
  • A flexible list of content types, such as faculty profiles, news articles and feature stories. Plus created dynamically updates directories of content, such as faculty or student directories.
  • Calendars for presenting campus events.
  • Online giving for donations and development.
  • Integration with Moodle and a host of other 3rd party applications
  • Simplified user interface for managing user roles and permissions.
  • Built-in site search tool.
  • Integrated Google Analytics and search engine optimization tools.
  • A homepage slideshow with text overlay.
  • A sub-page banner image system that allows for randomized images.
  • Drag and drop widgets such as calendar, campus headlines, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.
    A special interest feature system with randomized sidebar content.
  • A system for tagging content and generating tag-specific dynamic views, widgets and pages.

Departmental Website Examples:

Granowski Center                                                                                                                                                

Contact Ed Sussman at if you'd like to know more. Or call us atat  (
917) 410-1490

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