Buzzr Announces Content Marketing Division with Wikipedia, Twitter and Facebook Services

(New York) - Buzzr announced today that it would be expanding into content marketing, assisting organizations and individuals with creating online content for their websites, mobile sites and social media presences, such as Wikipedia, Twitter and Facebook.

“We’ve always taken a consultative approach with our website clients, including assisting them with content,” said Buzzr CEO Ed Sussman. “Offering these as stand-alone services is a natural evolution for us. And it will help us live up to our promise of creating great buzz for our clients.”

Buzzr started working with content marketing clients earlier this year, including technology start ups, CEOs and prominent investors. The company practices "white hat" Wikipedia editing, strictly following Wikipedia policies, including full disclosure of paid consulting. Superior quality entries have garnered fantastic results.

"We'd tried once to get Luminoso into Wikipedia ourselves," said Ian Cain, the business developent director of Luminoso, a VC-funded software company in Boston. "Ed not only got us published, he wrote an interesting entry that does a very good job explaining the difficult concepts underlying our text analytics and artificial intelligence business. He took the time to read everything that's been written about our company and that really showed in the Wikipedia article and its extensive sourcing. I really recommend Ed and Buzzr."

Luminoso definitely merited an article in Wikipedia based on their "notability" standard, Sussman added. "They failed when they tried themselves because they didn't know how to navigate the thicket of Wikipedia policies designed to ensure encylopedia-like entries."

Buzzr CEO Edward Sussman will supervise the division. Sussman was the former executive editor of Inc. Magazine and supervised editorial operations while president of and He also served as senior editor at Worth and P.O.V. Magazines and has written for publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, New York Magazine, The New York Observer, Slate, Reader’s Digest, Pando Daily and The Huffington Post.

He's been an adjunct professor at NYU and published several legal academic articles. A law review editor, he graduated first in his class at Duke Law. He also worked at the Federal Judicial Center, a government think tank, where he co-authored a study distributed to the entire federal judiciary.

About Buzzr

Buzzr is a hosted website building platform that extends the power of a robust content management system to ordinary users. It offers both direct-to-consumer websites and a B2B multi-site platforms, including the Buzzr Higher Education Content Management System.


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