Announcing Our New Client Website:

Hi all, Buzzr was lucky enough to have been hired by Capzeio, the largest dancewear company in the United States, to re-invent and operate their site, one of the best URLs on the web. The site required a top to bottom reinvention, from strategy to branding to technology to content to marketing and sales. It was a large undertaking -- but we were able to get the new editorial site up and running, with new branding and a dedicated editorial staff, in just three months -- and not just any site. A highly sophisticated premium editorial website. And we've greatly expanded our in-house video production skills specifically because of this site. We're now producing 10 or more original videos a week.

As I write this, almost exactly eight weeks after beta launch and about three weeks after our official launch, we are about to have our first day crossing 100,000 page views (in a single day!) - when we started, the site was getting less than 500 page views a day.

We've also taken on sales and marketing for the site, coordinating closely with Capezio's publisher for, my old friend Harold Bolling, with whom I grew and fro about $1 million in revenue to $12 million in revenue in about 3 years. Below is the full press release announcing the site. If your company has a digital media brand, or a idea for a media brand, and you need help, please e-mail me, Ed Sussman at or call 917-410-1490