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  • Content Marketing with Buzz:

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  • Buzzr Education Edition

    An affordable turn key solution for schools and colleges

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  • "I was blown away by the sharp UI. Breathtakingly simple."

    Zach Chandler, analyst, Stanford Technology Applications

    “I am able to focus on building an idea, while Buzzr takes care of the technology."

    Geoff Lynch, co-founder, EnergySipp

An On Demand, Single Sign-On Network of Drupal-Powered Sites

You want a top-down WCMS that let you impose order in the potentially very messy world of multi-site creation and management. Buzzr goes one step further than most WCMS by providing full social network capability across your entire environment, with central user registration, common user profiles and an optional central site dynamically generated from all sites within the environment.

  • Multi-site admin dashboard provides control over all users and websites.
  • Create a Quickstart sample site and clone thousands more in a snap.
  • Professional caliber site building tools for you, but can be scaled back to pure simplicity for end users.
  • Endlessly customizable environment can leverage 10,000+ open source Drupal modules.
  • High touch point support from a team with years of Drupal multi-site experience.
  • Customize per site with dozens of drag and drop features, publishing tools, social media integration, CSS, HTML and javascript.
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A Private Label Solution with High Touch-Point Support

You want to leverage your existing relationships to create a new, subscription-based revenue stream for a product with low turn-over. Buzzr lets you offer social-media friendly websites and micro-sites without the hassles of a traditional web design shop. With Buzzr’s All-In-One WCMS multi-site solution, use our Quickstart cloning and no coding features as the basis for a self-service or custom-designed website marketing suite.

  • Customize Quickstarts for specialized use cases or use the Buzzr library.
  • Customize your end users’ experience to be as simple as you choose.
  • Displays beautifully on all mobile and tablet devices.
  • Self-service or professional value-added service model.
  • Full Spanish administrative interface also available.
  • Flexible pricing based on usage.
  • Professional design services available from Buzzr for outsourced websites or to create new styles.
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Specialized Websites and Multi-Sites for Education

You want a custom design, a powerful CMS that non-techies can nonetheless easily maintain and, turn-key service, from cloud hosting to highly personal support. The Buzzr Education Edition, created in partnership with education digital marketing powerhouse mStoner, delivers one of the friendliest interfaces on the market. We work closely with mStoner on smaller schools, like Paul Smith’s College and Palo Alto University, but also serve departments (e.g. at Utah State University) and offer large multi-sites.

  • Strategic services, such as content marketing, SEO and design consultation.
  • Social media tools help to increase your school’s engagement.
  • Fully integrated responsive design for mobile and tablets.
  • Implementations typically take 1/3 the time and cost less than one half the price of a custom Drupal education website.
  • Leverages Drupal, the most popular CMS in education.
  • Fully-supported, including hosting, security and trainin.
  • More than 10,000 Drupal modules for further customizations!
  • Quickstarts for one-click roll-out of new sites. e.g. student organizations or faculty projects
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Relieve the Need for Speed

You want rapid implementation, smooth deployments, scalability and minimal static from non-technical end users/content creators. Buzzr’s solution gives you hands on support from world-class Drupal WCMS experts who understand the needs of enterprise environments and small end users alike.

  • Individual websites are exportable in native Drupal.
  • Custom Content Types and Views/Directories.
  • High touch point support for training and troubleshooting.
  • Custom APIs.
  • Official Rackspace Partner and Cloud Tool program member.
  • Experience scaling to millions of users.
  • Unforked Drupal under the hood. Integration potential for 10,000+ modules.
  • Custom configure a site’s features, block placement, permissions by role, CSS, HTML, javascript, then clone as a Quickstart and customize
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Buzzr's development is led by Lullabot, the world's top Drupal consulting and education firms. Clients include Sony, the Grammys, IBM, BBC, The Economist, Walmart, MTV, Harvard, Verizon and many others.


Buzzr is "Drupal-Made-Easy." Drupal is the world's most state-of-the-art open source WCMS, with more than 500,000 project participants. Used by The White House, Martha Stewart, Intel, MIT and thousands of large enterprises.


Buzzr is an official Rackspace Partner and a member of the Rackspace Cloud Tools program. Rackspace is the world’s leading cloud hosting firm, famous for fanatical support. We also offer Buzzr on Managed Private Clouds with Rackspace.

Buzzr (Official) | Get Busy with Buzzr! Website Builder, Content Management System

Mon, 04/17/2017 - 14:56

Hi all, Buzzr was lucky enough to have been hired by Capzeio, the largest dancewear company in the United States, to re-invent and operate their site Dance.com, one of the best URLs on the web. The site required a top to bottom reinvention, from strategy to branding to technology to content to marketing and sales. It was a large undertaking -- but we were able to get the new editorial site up and running, with new branding and a dedicated editorial staff, in just three months -- and not just any site. A highly sophisticated premium editorial website.

Mon, 04/17/2017 - 14:53

When we launched the Buzzr platform in 2009, we gave away thousands of free websites on Buzzr.com networked together on a social discovery platform. Eventually, we changed to a paid model. But now we're proud to re-introduce free websites on Buzzr.com, tightly integrated in a content discovery social network.

Tue, 06/30/2015 - 17:46

mStoner, our partner in the Buzzr Education Content Management System, recently highlighted the dramatic performance optimization we've done on the platform over the past year. as well as several other features. 

Here's a reprint of the column from COO Bill McLaughlin.